The Family Tree of Captain James Cook (1728-1779)

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Notes for Elizabeth BATTS

Her remains are deposited with those of her sons James and Hugh in the middle aisle of the Church.
The Monument that hangs on the Church wall, reads:
In Memory Of Captain James Cook, of the Royal Navy, one of the most celebrated Navigators that this of former Ages can boast of; who was killed by the Natives of Owhyhee, in the Pacific Ocean, on the 14th day of February, 1779; in the 51st year of his Age.

Of Mr. Nathaniel Cook, who was lost with the Thunderer Man-of-War, Captain Boyle Walsingham, in the most dreadful Hurricane, in Octovber, 1780; aged 16 years.

Of Mr. Hugh Cook, of Christs' College, Cambridge, who died on the 21st December, 1793, aged 17 years.

Of James Cook, Esq. Commander in the Royal Navy, who lost his Life on the 25yh January, 1794, in going from Pool to the Spitfire Sloop-of War, which he commanded; in the 31st year of his Age.

Of Elizabeth Cook, who died April 9th, 1771, Aged 4 years.
Joseph Cook, who died September 13th, 1768, Aged 1 month.
George Cook, who died October 1st 1772, Aged 4 months.

All Children of the first-mentioned Captain James Cook, by Elizabeth Cook, who survived her husband 56 years, and departed this life 13th May, 1835, at her residence, Clapham, Surrey, in the 94th year of her age. Her remains are deposited with those of her sons, James and Hugh, in the middle Aisle of this Church.

On the small garter which crosses the trumpet (at right angles) grasped by the arm, is inscribed the motto. "Circa Orbem" and on the scral under the shield bearing the globe is "Nil intentatum Reliquit".

On the globe are lines tracing the shores of the "Pacific Ocean", which words are distinctly engraved on it.
The material is grey, white, and blue marble. Date of erection does not appear.
The remains of James Cook were found in lead; those of Hugh were collected, and put into lead; the widow was intered in lead.
Dated 28th April 1833.

1 Elizabeth. Cook Davidson, Daughter of the late James Fleck of Broughton, Yorkshire.
2. John Fleck of Sunderland, Son of James & Margaret Fleck Deceased.
3. Children of Thomas. Fleck of Boston, Deceased Son of James. & Margaret Fleck.
4 Indiana Jenkins, Daughter of Thomas Fleck & Wife of Henry Jenkins.
5. Grace Carter, Wife of John Carter of Redcar & Daughter of James & Margaret Fleck.
6. Christiana Hustler, Wife of Thomas Hustler of London & Daughter of James & Margaret Fleck.
7. Mary Durk, Wife of George Durk of Whitby.

8. Surviving Children of my Cousin Charles Smith of Mile End. Robert Smith,
John Smith who is living in France.
Anne Smith, Wife of Captain John Smith of the Grove Road, Mile End.
Winifred Newcombe, Wife of Joseph Newcombe of Little New Street, Fetter Lane.
9. Frances Smith, Widow of my late dear deceased Cousin Charles Smith of Brunswick Place, Bowyer Lane, Lambeth.
10. Marian Ellen Smith, Charles James Smith & Frances Smith, Children of my dear Cousin Charles Smith, Deceased.
11. Henry Newcombe, Katherine Newcombe, Louisa Newcombe, Ann Sophia Newcombe, William Charles Newcombe & Jane Greig Newcombe Children of Winifred & Joseph Newcombe.
12. Captain John Smith Wife & Children
13. William Wilson late of Rothechithe, Gentleman Son of my deceased dear Cousin Anne Wilson.
14. James, Brother of the said William Wilson.
15. Children Mary Mayer late of Cannon Street Road, Saint Georges in the. East London but now of Totten Street, opp. Stepney Church.
16. My God Daughter, Mrs Mary Copling of Brixton Surrey.
17. John Warren, Husband of my deceased friend Isabella Warren.
18. My dear friend, Miss Mary Williams of \Woolwich.
19. Mary Hook of Clapham.
20. Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Saint Andrew in Cambridge.
21. Daughters of my Cousin Ursula Cragg, Deceased
Mrs. Mary Adams.
Mrs Anne Mackrell.
Mrs Jane Marshall.
Mrs. Maria Bennett.
Mrs. Ursula Jew.
Elizabeth Gregg.
22. John Cragg of Bunhill Row, London.
23. Miss Louisa Davies of Lambeth in the County of Surrey.
24. Treasurer of the School for the Indigent Blind, established in London now in St. Georges Fields.
25. Treasurer for the Royal Maternity Charity for delivering poor Married Women.
26. My old Servant, Elizabeth Gates.
27. My Servants, Mary Wellings, Sarah Westlake & Charles Doswell,
28. Mrs. Anne Burnicle of Sunderland Street, Sunderland.
29. Dear and valued Friends & Neighbours, Mrs. Elliston, Miss Waldo & Miss Bower,
30. My Esteemed Friends, Mrs. Blake of Palsgrave Place, Temple and George Slack of Croydon, Esquire.
31. My Esteemed Friend, John Ravenhill. Esquire of Clapham.
32. My dear Friend, Mrs, Ravenhill, Wife of John.
33. My Esteemed Friend, Dr. John Elliston of Conduit Street, Westminster.
34. My dear friend Mrs. Bennett of Merton, Surrey, Widow.
35. Mrs. Elizabeth Walford late the Widow of my dear Deceased Cousin Charles Smith, Esquire.
36 Major James Smith one of the Sons of my Cousin Charles Smith of Mile End.
37 Mr. Thomas Savage, Watchmaker of Red Lion Street.
38 Children of his Deceased Brother, William Savage.
39 William Carter, Son of Grace Carter.
40 My dear Friends, John Leach Bennett of Merton & John Day Blake of Palsgrave Place in the Parish of Saint Clement Danes in the County of Middlesex, Gentlemen, Joint Trustees & Executors.
41 John Smith one of the Children of my Cousin, Charles Smith of Deceased.

Witnesses Jn Cording, Temple Bar, Silversmith - H. Balls, 22 Roupell Street W. A. Boyle, 3 Clements Inn, Strand.

First Codicil, Dated 8th April 1833.

42. John Leach Bennett his Heirs, Sole Residuary Legatee. Witnesses Jn Cording - H. Balls W. A. Boyle.

Second Codicil, Dated 8th April 1833.

43. My kind and attentive Friend and Neighbour, Doctor Thomas Elliston.
44. Mrs Farrer, Wife of Captain Farrer formerly in the India Company's Service now residing at Blackheath.
45. My esteemed Friend, John Ravenhill, Esquire.
46. Marian Ellen Smith, Charles James Smith & Frances Smith, Children of my dear Cousin Charles Smith of Brunswick Place, Bowyer Lane, Lambeth, Deceased.
47. Frances Smith, Widow of my Cousin Charles Smith of Brunswick Place, Bowyer Lane, Lambeth, Deceased.
48. Robert Anderson Smith, Elizabeth Maria Smith, Alfred Charles Smith & Alexander James Smith, Children of Robert Smith one of my Deceased Cousins Charles Smith formerly of Mile End.
49. Ann Smith, wife of Captain John Smith and her Children.
50. Elizabeth Cragg.
51. Rector and Churchwardens of the Parish of Clapham.
52. Six poor Widows domiciled in the said Parish of Clapham.
53. John Leech Bennett as my Sole Residuary Legatee.
54 Mrs Indiana Jenkins.
55. My dear Friend Mrs Mary Williams.
56. Christiana Hustler and her Children.

Witnesses -- Elizabeth Munday, Clapham Common Jn Lewis, Clapham Common - W. A. Boyle, 11 Arundel St., Strand.

Third Codicil, Dated 26th September 1834.

57. Colonel James Smith, in my Will called Major James Smith, one of the Sons of my Cousin Charles Smith of Mile End,
58. Captain John Smith and Mrs Jane Marshall
59. Mrs James Adams.

Witnesses Jn Lewis, Clapham Common - W. A. Boyle, Arundel St. Strand.

Proved at London with the three Codicils, 1st June 1835 before the Worshipful John Haggard, Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the Oaths of John Leach Bennett, Esquire, and John Day Blake, Esquire.

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